The other day, I was watching a political show on TV, and the roundtable was forecasting the Obama Presidency. I was interested, but never more than when they showed a clip of Obama saying that he was going to lead a science-based administration, and his administration would be based on facts. Woot!

After the Bush administration, this is a big breath of fresh air. I am so looking forward to seeing what this means and how this plays out, but just having a president who acknowledges the value of science in our world, and creates a place for it, was music to my ears. I don’t mean to imply that that’s sufficient-I don’t want to see us gobble up crumbs when we need more substantial fare-but it is, minimally, telling. I also think that a president who values science will value scientists and our contributions, which is also a big shift for me, for us. Maybe it’s just me, but I retained the sense that Bush secretly (and sometimes, not-so-secretly) loathed science, and maybe it’s not fair, but once Sarah Palin made a comment about her view that Drosophila research is a waste of taxpayer money, I couldn’t help but think that it was just an articulation of what I thought Bush refused to say. I’m sure there are things I don’t know, other things to consider, and I hope you’ll let me know your thoughts on this. I never let my hope in science dwindle. I love science, and whatever any administration thinks of it, I will support it, advocate for it, turn other people on to it, fight for it and celebrate it. Obama’s words helped me feel like I was moving with the current rather than against it, and that’s something I haven’t felt in a long time.


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