Science Dance Party 9.24.10

Why do we do it? When it’s 90% failure, why do we do it? Because that 0.5% success rate in science carries us through those deserts of negative data. The process is as fun as the outcome, and the data that mean something-the pieces of the whole that tell a story illuminating our basic understanding of the natural world-send us into the stratosphere. There is nothing like it. Nothing compares to watching a scientific story unfold. There is nothing that mimics it. There is nothing as cool as having a job where you get to deal in the business of ideas, stand on the leading edge of knowledge, and spend your time asking questions about how things work and, armed with the understanding of how to pursue those questions through scientific inquiry, do so.

To celebrate the bright side of science, we have the Yeah Yeah Yeahs this Friday.

(Karen O’s voice makes me a little crazy in all the right ways, I have to say.)

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