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Night Lab: The Science of Sex and Attraction and Kiss-In

Night Lab, Chicago’s science series for adults, returns to Schubas just in time for Valentine’s Day. Molecular geneticist and cell biologist Stephanie Levi, Ph.D. will be demystifying the science behind love, lust, attraction and everything in between-and the audience will pick the topics. If you’ve ever wondered about differences in the brains of men and women during orgasm, the science behind breakups, or how pheromones-chemical signals that are processed by the nervous system and influence reproductive behavior-work, and what science is showing us about how they influence lust and love, come by for a drink and stay for the discussion.

Stephanie will share a statistical analysis of hookups and breakups on Facebook while you add your favorite songs to Night Lab’s first-ever make-out playlist. Take part in Chicago’s first kiss-in, where you can put science to the test. One lucky trivia winner will receive a copy of The Science of Kissing by Sheril Kirshenbaum and sexy gifts from Early to Bed. Scientific valentines will be on hand to exchange as we unravel the molecular mysteries behind love and lust.

February 13, 2011

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Schubas (3159 North Southport Avenue)



Red Line to Belmont


Stephanie started Night Lab to bring science to the masses in November 2008.  It is designed to give non-scientists a short and sweet taste of science in their everyday lives-without turning it into science lite.  If you failed outta freshman bio, are afraid of math, or think physics is boring, Night Lab is for you.  Scientists are welcome too, of course!

Drop Stephanie a note at with questions.


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