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The Science was Sexy: Last Night’s Night Lab

Thanks to all who came out for last night’s Night Lab event!  It was so much fun to explain the science of sex and attraction to a packed room of science fans.

For those who could not make it in (we were at capacity!), the next event, on the Science of Beauty, will be held on March 13, 2011 at 7:00 PM-again at Schubas!

For anyone who is new to Night Lab, it is an event that I created as I did my Ph.D. to make science more accessible to everyone, after I discovered that many people shared my love of science but found it intimidating or had bad memories of high school bio.  Night Lab is science for adults, brought down to earth to let everyone and anyone see the sexy, everyday side of science.

This is the blog spot for Night Lab, where you can read about the science of the everyday in between events from a scientist who knows her stuff.

Here are some photos from the event last night.  You can add your own at Science is Sexy’s Flickr page. A video of the event will be up shortly!

See you next month!

Cute audience members get ready to enact the endocrine and neural pathways of sex and attraction.

Estrogen and Testosterone duke it out.

Talking through drinks.

Packed house at Schubas

Explaining the science of breakups.

The kiss-in

This lovely guy demonstrated the increase in norepinephrine that hits during orgasm.

More kiss-in!

Getting ready.

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