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Demystifying Sex

I am hoping that most of you caught the January 22 NYT article on the science of sex, but if you didn’t, you can find it here. I love the idea of people bringing themselves to orgasm while hanging upside down in an MRI machine in order to better understand which parts of the brain light up during sexual response. Anything for science, right? It did get me thinking about the quest for a female version of Viagra, it seems elusive based on what I know of current research (which is extremely limited), but is that the product of limited efforts on the part of scientific community? Is it that the product of the old observation that women’s sexuality is often portrayed as a subject of ownership by someone else rather than a source of power and pleasure for the woman herself? I’m not sure, but I loved reading about how sexuality studies are undertaken, and what they’re finding. A good warm-up for next week’s event…I’m sure Dr. Woodley will be able to shed some light on all this.

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Political Science

In what is one of the most engrossing U.S. political elections in recent memory, science is taking a more prominent role than ever.  Where do the candidates stand on science and science policy?  Come find out this Sunday, November 2nd when we discuss the scientific policies of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.  IIT political Scientist Dr. Matthew Shapiro and University of Chicago ecology and evolutionary biologist Dr. Geoff Morris will be on hand to shed some light on the candidates’ current and projected science policy, talk about what it means for the future of science in the United States and abroad, and why science needs to be on your mind as you vote.

Hopleaf’s fabulous menu will be available, as well as their wide array of Belgian beers.

Hopleaf Bar (5148 N. Clark St., Chicago)

November 2, 7:00 PM


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